The new 3D experience brings you closer to your customers!

The «new realities» are far more than your customers expect! The new technologies combine playfulness and completely new product experience. The result is tools for communication and professional applications that have never before been so effective and useful.

Enrich your marketing with completely new approaches. Change the operating concepts of your products. Explain your complex topics in a completely new way. The effect will always be the same: You will land more quickly where you want to: in the positive remembering of your target groups. This will convince them - and strengthen your brand with a whole new appeal.

Opposing «limited reality»:
Wider Reality lives up to its name.

The right mix for a field with extraordinary potential

Augmented-, virtual- and mixed-reality have enormous potential to transform the digital world again. You understand what we mean if you have already had a look through the appropriate lenses. Be the first to convince your customers in this way! We accompany and support you on your way.

Wider Reality is the concentration of different long-standing competences from design, marketing and media production for digital, 3D and apps. In this constellation multimedia, visually expressive and creative solutions for 3D wearables, smartphones, screens and desktops are created.

Wider Reality customers benefit from high implementation quality, smooth project workflows, fast implementation times and comprehensive media production know-how. We think Swiss and work internationally - you get good conditions at excellent quality.

Our services: Everything that digital-reality projects need.

Wider Reality offers the following services in the area of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality:

CAD data conversion

Detailed presentation of large products - smallest file sizes for complex devices. This way you can bring big things to devices with a low performance.

3D modelling and digitisation

High-end visualization in both images and films - from simple explanations to complex technical presentations for marketing, sales and training purposes.

3D visualization/animation

High-end visualization in both images and films - from simple explanations to complex technical presentations for marketing, sales and training purposes.

Content Creation

As part of a design and communications agency, planning and implementation of content is our «daily business». We create high-quality multimedia content in text, image, video and sound.


Design and development of cross-platform mobile and desktop applications for applications in the game/education/training/instruction area and for the control and monitoring of devices and processes.

Integration in projects

Application integration with your existing data sources, proof of concept for your project, integration of devices and services, collaboration solutions

Consulting in digital reality

Doesn't that work? Is it truly that expensive and extensive? We offer our second opinion for your 3D project and support you with concepts and strategies for well functioning digital reality applications.

Training & Demonstration

Find out more about the possibilities and obstacles of the different realities in live demonstrations and get the latest input for your projects.

Do you have any questions or uncertainties about Augmented Reality, Mixed-Reality or Virtual-Reality? Or would you simply like to try out technologies for the first time in order to get an idea of the possibilities?

Contact us without obligation. We show you the potentials, technical possibilities and current limitations.


By the beginning of 2018 we will go online with our extensive website, until then you will find news and parts of our work on our social media channels.

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